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Rapunzel Organic Dark with Hazelnuts (55%)

Where Bought: Foods For Living

Aroma is mild; chocolately but not pushy.

Very nice texture, smooth and melty. The chopped-up hazelnuts are a pleasant soft crunch, and well-distributed.

Nice, fulfilling flavor. Pleasantly sweet for a dark chocolate. Absolutely packed with hazelnuts, but they don't overwhelm the chocolate; everything's playing well together. As snooty chocolate goes, this is very nearly comfort-chocolate. Just the sort of whole-mouth unfolding I was in the mood for.

Overall: Yummy, in a down-to-earth non-snooty way. Rapunzel definitely goes on the would-buy-again list.
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I have no idea how to count the story that I ended up with four different partial versions of, all of which are cannibalized off of each other to a considerable extent. And none of which are, I think, the keeper version, though major pieces are likely to be salvaged. For sanity's sake, I guess I'll go with the totals, but understand that about 3K of this isn't "real".

original short fiction: 4510 (or not, as the case may be)
Falling From Ground: 1145

Total new words (more or less) in October: 5655

Pretty sad, or quite decent, depending on how you look at it. At least it reflects the amount of effort I've put in, even if a lot of that effort involved applying forehead to brick wall repeatedly.

Queries sent: Let's not talk about that, eh?

Short story submissions: 5

For November: Keep the short stories out there. Figure out what the bleep to do with "A Cold Day In Spells" and do it. Figure out what's next with the Mars novel, and at least start doing it. And, um, queries, yeah.

Still here....

Sunday, November 8th, 2015 12:36 pm
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I've been neglecting this journal lately. Partly that's just me; partly it's that I've been trying to be more active on another forum, and it seems I really do have a fixed (and small) amount of social-media-izing to go around.

I recognized this on Thursday, and then my internet went out for two days. (And the phone with it, just for extra isolation.) I do not think the universe is sympathetic to my attempts to keep up.
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Ocho Dark Coffee

Where Bought: Foods For Living

Bitter-sharp aroma, very dry-dark.

Texture is rather like a truffle, chocolate shell over soft filling. The "nougat" is gritty -- not unpleasantly so, but odd.

First taste impression is almost unsweetened dark chocolate and unsweetened espresso. Sweetness increases after a couple of bites, and becomes almost sugary -- not sure if the grittiness is ground coffee or sugar crystals. Seemed light at first, but a few bites in the cumulative effect is very dense and filling.

Overall: Not sure. It's not bad, but between the grittiness and the odd sweet/not-sweet imbalance, I'm not sure it's something I need to seek out more of.
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original short stories = 62
Green Ring = 2720
Falling From Ground = 2901

Total new words in September = 5683

Oh, nice! I really wasn't sure what I was going to have to show for this month. Turns out there was more nice, steady plodding than I'd realized.

Green Ring and FFG are definitely good counterpoints to have going in tandem, allowing me to switch moods when I need to.

Queries sent = 3 (plus two researched & crossed off)

Not bad! I am, if not getting back on the wagon, at least trotting along in its wheel-ruts, thanks to a little light butt-kicking from assorted quarters.

Short stories submitted = 2

For the trifecta!

Goals: More of the same. Get the other stories that are ready for it out there somewhere. Keep on with the writing.

For querying, I would really like to get through the entire list of possibles (AAR trawl + misc. bookmarks) by the end of this year. That will require a rather higher rate than I've yet done, but with that goal in mind, it seems like it should be feasible. Even if it will then leave me with a quandary for the new year. But that's next year's trouble.


Edited because the post that gets posted in October isn't October's word count as this originally said, it's September's. I knew there was something about this one that was bugging me; I'm just embarrassed it took me until nearly November to figure out what.

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Over at Book View Cafe today, Ursula K. Le Guin is concerned that a lot of on-line critiquers are "just parrot-squawking some useless “rule” they read somewhere." (She's soliciting opinions on the matter, so if you have views on how and whether to select critiquers and how to evaluate what they provide, head on over.)

Since I've always referred to such people as "rules-parrots", this amuses me.
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Dagoba Chai (37% Milk Chocolate)

Where Bought: Foods For Living

Distinct chai aroma, overwhelms the chocolate.

Firm, almost hard texture, with a little crunchy-grittiness as the chocolate melts.

Tastes very strongly of chai with a zing from the crystallized ginger. Which is a good flavor, but can't really taste the chocolate.

Overall: Good if you're in the mood for chai candy, not so much for chocolate. Could stand to be better balanced.
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So, I've finally figured out why the latest bit of Falling From Ground is going so hard (as opposed to all the other bits that've been hard). I've worked more or less up to the last scene of the Post-It noted, franken-noveled, wouldn't-it-have-been-nice-if-I'd-done-this-right-the-first-time section, in which my character researches some old records. This lets me work in a nice bit of character backstory, which I have. And then....?

That's right; I have no idea where this is going next. (I know stuff farther down the road, but not next-scene next.) Which means I have no idea what this scene should do, other than make way for the backstory. And it does need to do something. Given the way I've built up to it, it feels like my MC needs to discover something new in his research. Probably something that'll pull the rug out from under him, because he's made the mistake of being in one of my novels.

So now I have to figure out what that is. Which means brainstorming. And planning, ugh. Or trying to coax my back-brain into telling me it's had this all along, which amounts to the same thing.
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Today was the end of Week 5 of the Couch-to-5K program, when they stop with the slow and gentle progression and start throwing you into the deep end to see if you can swim yet.

And I swam. Not at all fast, not gracefully, but I did it. Despite feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, and despite not being sure I was up to it yet. A full 20 minutes of jogging without a break.

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Writer's Digest is having another of its “Dear Lucky Agent” contests, this one for adult mystery/thriller/suspense novels. Deadline is September 17. Details here:

Disclaimer: Entry requires two mentions of the contest on social media. This is one of mine.

August Word Count

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 03:04 pm
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I almost don't want to look....

Falling From Ground = 2458
original short fiction = 660
Total new words in August = 3118

Hey, whattaya know! Soft target achieved after all. Pretty good; and with the obstreperous plotlines, computer problems, and other obstactles, actually very good indeed!

No short stories sent out, which is only mostly my fault: the market which I was holding one for has failed to reopen for submissions as anticipated.

There will be progress on querying in September; I have already sent a nudge.

I'm not setting goals otherwise, because the wordcount-pressure has been causing me problems more than it's been helping. There will just be words. Also queries and submissions. Onward.
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I'm going to have to make a desk to get what I want. I recognize that. I don't actually want a glass top: too much dusting (or too obvious dust when I don't, more likely). However, I find myself wondering, would a glass top reduce the chances of me thinking there's a fly or something on my leg and accidentally kicking a cat* when I go to brush it off?

Might be worth it, if so....

* Well, gently bumping a cat, really. But she still left, so I still feel bad.

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For Reasons, I prefer to write on rather elderly laptops; we're talking internal 3.5" drives and no "brick" on the power cord, here. On the plus side, I can usually get these free from folks who are only too happy to get them out of the closet or the basement. On the down side, they're often on their last pins when I get them, and... well.

It seems my latest elderly machine has finally given up the ghost. The screen has always been a bit flaky, but now it's just a blank glow, and none of the usual tricks or wiggles or thumps will help. RIP, I'm afraid. To add mockery to frustration, the back-up machine which I've been meaning to set up for a while seems to have died on the shelf; it worked when friends gave it to me some time ago, but now it's unresponsive to much of its keyboard and it won't boot. So I currently have no designated writing computer. I can work on newer machines, including the one I'm typing this on, so I'm not completely paralyzed, but it's just one more hurdle in a process that's already quite difficult enough, thank you.

Anybody out there got an old laptop they'd like to part company with? Requirements include working screen, keyboard, hard drive, and 3.5" floppy drive. A working battery is nice, but I've done without before.

(Please note: I'm not interested in anything that "just needs to have _____ repaired, and then it'll be fine" or "it doesn't boot, but I'm sure you could fix it!" I understand the impulse, but I've already got more broken computers than I can store. Functioning machines only, please.)

My next task is to go through my hefty stash of old machines and sort out what should just go for recycling, what to keep for parts, and what might be worth trying to fix. I've tended to keep everything for parts thus far, but that works a lot better in theory than in practice, and I really am out of storage space.

(Smartass comments about how I should just use modern hardware and software are not welcome. If you can't cope with the fact that I don't use what everybody else uses, you can post your objections straight to /dev/null.)

Blinded by the Light

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 09:34 am
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One of the problems with getting up early to run is that much of my route is east/west, and so I'm running straight into the sun. I may have to find a pair of sunglasses I can run in.
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Dagoa Beaucoup Berries (74% Dark Chocolate)

Where bought: Foods For Living

Nice bitter-dark aroma, not too strong but with depth.

Hard, almost crunchy texture. Very faint hint of chewiness from the berries as the chocolate melts.

Mostly chocolate flavor, bittersweet dark, with a subtle tang from the cranberries and cherries. Can't really pick up the vanilla directly, though there is a supporting richness that might be laid at its feet.

Overall: Good, pleasant, not especially exciting but perfectly acceptable.
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I finally started running again this morning. I've been wanting to for a while; the ankle I sprained is mostly back to normal, and, well, the summer's not getting any longer. So, pick a day and start, which I did.

Still not in danger of breaking any speed records, and I'm more or less back to the beginning of the Couch-to-5K schedule. But I can already feel the body responding to the new demands, and I definitely felt the beautiful feeling of doing one thing and one thing only, and not being able to drop it in the middle for anything else that thought it ought to be getting done. Ahhhhh.

As always, the hardest part is making myself do all the stretching. Stretching is boring, it takes time I don't feel like I have, and it can't be rushed. It's also the difference between a satisfying, invigorating run, and an agonizing, shin-splinty mess that I can't sustain. So I do it.

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I came up with another new novel idea yesterday/night before. It's somewhere between litfic and romance, which is not my usual thing at all. But in the course of one evening's I-should-be-sleeping musing, I got the whole story line, including what feels like key scenes for all the major turning points; I even remembered most of it the next morning. You don't argue with that.

...I may need to learn Italian.

Or at least find a really good consultant who knows Italian. Aside from language skills I don't have, this one will involve lots of Italian architecture and culture and such. An interesting side-effect of being a writer: I've never been all that interested in Italian language or culture beyond the basic of foreign travel = neat, but now I find myself half in love with it, because these characters are. My housemate tells me that normal people don't do this.

This is the third new novel idea I've come up with in the past couple of weeks. And that's not counting the couple of short story ideas that have cropped up in the same period of time. If my brain were half as focused on the thing it's supposed to be working on as it is on creating shiny new distractions I can't work on for ages yet, I'd be done by now.
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Didn't realize I'd skipped this last month, but then, June had other things going on. So, another double header!


Green Ring = 201

Short stories submitted = 2


original short fiction = 435
Falling From Ground = 2522
Total new words in July = 2957

Short stories submitted = 3

A decent show at getting back on the horse, I think. Also, FFG has now topped the 10K line again, which is nice. Hopefully it's with words that'll stay this time.

For August, I don't want to get too hard-core yet for fear that upping the pressure will shut down the flow, but a soft target of 3000 words should be feasible. And I really should get back to querying.
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I've been getting out in the workshop again lately. Nothing fancy, just some bracing for the saggy-but-comfortable couch and the much saggier armchair, but it's been needing to be done forever. I'd almost forgotten the satisfaction of making something with my hands, the almost meditative process of cutting and shaping. It's a shame my work will be invisible to anyone who doesn't go around lifting up couch cushions, because for what it is, I made it beautiful.
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I've come up with two new novel ideas in the past few days. Saturday, full of pierogi and sunburn, I got an idea for the early Department novel I've been wanting to write, with one of the tertiary characters from Highway of Mirrors. It's maybe not the most stunningly original plot-line ever, but it will allow me to do lots of stuff with the early formation of the Department and bring in lots of backstory on this character, which is what the book's actually about; the plot is just to hang all that on. ;-) Then a couple days ago, a song that I've been listening to rather a lot, thinking there's a story in there somewhere, suddenly clicked, and a whole new scenario+plot grabbed my neurons. It's a sort-of fairytale retelling, except it's several fairy tales thrown into a blender and by the time I'm done messing about with the results, I doubt the sources will be recognizable beyond a couple of scenes. And it's still trying to take over my brain, most reluctant to wait its turn.

Meanwhile, I feel like I'm getting some traction on Falling From Ground again. Frustrated with not being able to keep the flow of the chapters-so-far in my head, I sat down and did a paragraph-by-paragraph outline of what I'd written. It's incredibly tedious, but if anything'll get the details of a piece into one's head, that will. And it made clear that the reason the text felt like an incoherent mess was that it was flopping from one thing to another and back again; my character established that he had to know X to be able to figure out Y and Z, then proceeded to spend pages speculation about Y and Z without yet knowing X. Luckily, once the problem was identified and pinned down, it was easy to fix; I moved a chunk, tweaked a couple of sentences, and voila, relatively coherent flow. I also finally yielded and tried the post-it note method for organizing what happens next in what order and what needs to go along with it. It didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know, but somehow it made it all seem much more logical and coherent. So I'm still doing the same thing I planned on, but I feel a lot better about it now. ;-) I think the story is more focused now, both on paper and in my head, and that's something it badly needed.

I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying all this. There's still plenty of work to do, and I'm still at the stage of cutting up salvage text and stitching it in where it'll be more use. (I've got a great scene of my character being followed that no longer makes any sense whatsoever in the early part of the book; I'll have to see if I can fit it in later.) I'm beginning to want a dedicated writing space just so I can pin things to the walls, though I suspect that wouldn't work out well long term.




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