Friday, September 7th, 2012

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Finally got around to updating YogurtWatch for the summer finale.

Well, that was interesting. vague concept spoilers )

New episodes return November 8 at 9/8C, with two back-to-back episodes.
lizvogel: lizvogel's fandoms.  The short list. (Fandom Epilepsy)
Today's Google logo is fabulous!
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August didn't really have a goal, other than to finish the fscking synopsis. Which is still not done. The outline, while a useful tool, wasn't getting the synopsizing anywhere, so instead I tried walking around the pond while telling the story to a voice recorder. This worked better; at least, it produced something vaguely coherent that didn't just reiterate the same phrasing as last time. Unfortunately, it was also way the hell too long, and missed a couple of key points on the why-this-story-exists front. But at least it gave me something to revise. So, been revising that. Which still ain't done, but progress is being made. Remembering that it's the "ethical plot" that matters is helping; an awful lot of the action stuff got cut last night. As it should be.

So, August didn't have a goal. I officially gave myself permission to take a break, quota-wise. (I meant to announce that here, but I took a break from that, too.) I'd intended to muck around with a Doctor Who story that's been waiting patiently for my brain to emerge from the depths of the novel, but that story's a creepy mood-piece sort-of-horror thing, and that just wasn't where I wanted to go right now. So, not much writing has happened this month, fanfic or otherwise.

I did, however, knock out one little original short story; not necessarily up to publishable snuff, but I like it. Also poked briefly at the post-novel novella. So, for the record:

short story: 1890
post-novel novella: 147
Total new words in August = 2037

For September, I'm continuing in take-a-break mode. Or rather, I'm continuing in don't-sweat-wordcounts mode, while doing my damnedest to finish the fscking synopsis, and throwing in some prompt fic, fanfic, and assorted messing-about to keep the writing muscles in condition. Current plan is to continue like this for October, then decide for certain if I'm going to do NaNo. And then after that, it's back to serious work on the 2nd novel.




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