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Finally got to see RED 2 this past weekend. (And after working 26 hours in two days, finally got a chance to post about it. I've been gone so much lately, I feel like I've been on a trip, not just at a job.) Not as much fun as the first one, got off to a rocky start in some respects, but they pulled it out at the end. My primary emotion is a warm glow that some movie somewhere knows that a SIG doesn't have an external safety. ;-)

And then there's this. I reserve the right to edit this when the movie comes out on DVD and I can check the scene it's attached to -- unless it turns out to be an actual deleted scene. My brain is so convinced this happened that I had to write it down to remind myself I didn't actually see it.

Title: Best Present Ever
Fandom: RED 2
Summary: "My gun!"
Word Count: ~285
Spoilers: for RED & RED 2, obviously
Disclaimer: RED is the property of Summit Entertainment, di Bonaventura Pictures, and DC Entertainment; characters, situations, etc. of RED are included in this work under the principle of Fair Use, and no infringement of copyright is intended. All other components of this work are © 7 August 2013 Liz A. Vogel.

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lizvogel: lizvogel's fandoms.  The short list. (Fandom Epilepsy)
Saw Red the other day.

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