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2016-09-08 11:59 pm
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Fifty years ago today. Whoa.

I'd feel bad for almost missing the date (luckily I just happened to be wearing a Star Trek shirt today, and someone mentioned it), except that I was up late last night writing cheesy Star Trek fanfic, so that's all right. ;-)

Star Trek was my first fannish love. Over the years, that love has gotten encrusted with frustration, disappointment, and occasional just-plain-no engendered by the various newer series, but the classic show remains secure in my heart. It's like a comfy blanket I can snuggle up in any time -- because yes, that is how computers sound (bleep, tu-wheet!), and that is what starships look like. And if we're very lucky, the future might come out a little bit like that.

So tonight, we watched "The Apple". Not anyone's claim for Star Trek's finest hour, but really quite a fun episode, and I'd been wanting to rewatch a certain scene anyway. And now I feel all cozy, wrapped in my blanket of Trekkishness.

For holding up for 50 years and counting, you can't ask for better than that.
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2012-09-07 12:30 pm

Happy 46th, Star Trek!

Today's Google logo is fabulous!
2009-11-21 11:02 am

Fandom recursion, and a rec

[personal profile] penknife's charming little SGA ficlet "Reality Show" (which you should go read, now) got me to thinking not just that Sheppard & Carter's worldviews were, yes, informed by Star Trek, but how.

What Sheppard took away from Star Trek: If you're friendly, well-meaning, and have a nice smile, the universe will take you at your intentions, and not look too harshly at your results.

What Carter took away from Star Trek: There is no such thing as a technological impossibility, only technology that we haven't quite figured out yet.

Thoughts? Other characters?