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Somebody on the production staff's got a thing for yogurt. And I've got a thing for obscure, bizarre details. This could only result in


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot
- While discussing how to break in, Michael says: "Maybe get a soda from the frig, or a yogurt. If you're caught, you just act confused and apologize like crazy for taking the yogurt. Nothing could be more innocent." He then proceeds to do just this, eating the yogurt as he walks from the kitchen to the office to break into Pyne's safe.

- When David is at Michael's apartment, Michael tells him, "If you're hungry, there's a blueberry yogurt in the frig."

Episode 2 - Identity
Fiona gets a yogurt out of Michael's frig and eats it while they're discussing how to salvage the scam after Quentin's car explodes.

Episode 3 - Fight or Flight
Sam gets a yogurt out of Michael's frig and eats it (without a spoon) after Michael rescues Sophie from the school dance.

Episode 4 - Old Friends
- Michael has a yogurt in hand when Sam drops by and discovers the booby-trapped apartment door.

- When Fiona calls with the assassin's location, Michael claims he wants to borrow Sam's car to go buy yogurt.

Episdoe 5 - Family Business
No yogurt references in this one! The closest we got was a Dannon Activa commercial during the original broadcast.

Episode 6 - Unpaid Debts
Michael is eating yogurt when he looks out at the surveillance van outside his apartment.

Episode 7 - Broken Rules
- Fiona gets a yogurt from Michael's frig after they rendezvous at his apartment, and eats it while they discuss how to deal with Bly. (Looks like blueberry.)

- When Michael finds Bly in his apartment, he offers him a yogurt. Bly says he already had one; "Not bad." Michael eats the offered yogurt while talking to Bly.

- When revealing that he set Bly up, Michael includes a photo: "There's you, in my place without a warrant, eating my yogurt."

Episode 8 - Wanted Man
Fiona offers Thomas a yogurt after insisting that Thomas has to be stashed at Michael's apartment because her own place isn't safe.

Episode 9 - Hard Bargain
Fiona is eating a yogurt while Michael is on the phone setting a new time to meet the bureaucrat.

Episode 10 - False Flag
Sam says he has to go get Michael some yogurt as an excuse to duck Fiona's questions about the new client.

Episode 11/12 - Loose Ends  (a.k.a. Dead Drop/Loose Ends)
- Michael starts eating a yogurt while Sam eats his fried chicken.

- Michael is eating a yogurt at the computer before his mom barges in.

- Fiona is eating a yogurt while Michael has his second phone call with the heroin importer.

TBUpdated as new episodes are aired.... And that's it for season one. It's going to be a long wait until next summer; have yourself a nice yogurt to tide you over!

Season 2

Aaaand... we're back!

Episode 13 - Breaking and Entering
- Sam offers Jimmy "a beer... maybe a yogurt" after the shootout at the security company.

- Michael is eating a yogurt while talking to Sam about getting a boat.

Episode 14 - Turn and Burn
Fiona gets a yogurt while discussing how Carla's people got the drop on her; Michael gets a yogurt of his own. Later in the same scene, Michael offers Fiona "all the yogurt you can eat" if she will talk to Barry for him.

Episode 15 - Trust Me
Michael eats a yogurt while explaining to Andy & Diane about the dummy safe.

Episode 16 - Comrades
- ? Fiona is eating something that might be frozen yogurt (might also be ice cream) at the beginning of the episode.

- Michael eats a yogurt while Nate pitches his friend's case.

- Sam uses a yogurt to soothe his hangover.

- Fiona eats a yogurt while the team discusses grabbing Ivan.

Episode 17 - Scatter Point
No yogurt in this one. Sam's drinking something that might be a yogurt smoothie when he's talking to Michael about Carla's security early on, but that's pure conjecture.

Episode 18 - Bad Blood
Two eps in a row with no yogurt? What gives?

Episode 19 - Rough Seas
- ? Michael's eating something that might be frozen yogurt (might not be) while he & Virgil stake out Feldman's store.

- Michael gets a yogurt while Sam pitches the idea of staging a heist.

- Sam & Virgil have to "find a place to put Mike's yogurt" while cannibalizing his frig.

- Sam offers Michael a yogurt from the cooler while Michael tells Sam & Virgil about the warehouse.

Episode 20 - Double Booked
- As they're carrying the groceries into Michael's apartment, Larry pulls a yogurt out of the bag and says, "Still a yogurt man, I see."

- Michael's eating a yogurt while he and Sam listen to the bug on Bill Johnson.

Episode 21 - Good Soldier
- Campbell brings Michael "a yogurt drink" when he and Fiona stop by to pitch Henry's case.

- Fiona's eating a yogurt -- Michael's last one -- when he returns from his second meeting with Lesher. Michael promptly goes out to get more yogurt.

- Fiona eats a yogurt (and there's a second one on the counter) while Michael tells Lesher he got religion.

Thus endeth season two. At least it'll be a shorter wait for season three!

Season 2.5

ETA 3/5/09: USA seems to be counting this as the rest of season 2, not season 3 as previously assumed, so YogurtWatch's season count has been adjusted accordingly.

Episode 22 - Do No Harm
Michael returns home to find Carla in his apartment, eating his yogurt (blueberry, by the look of it).

Episode 23 - Hot Spot
Did I miss something? There was plenty of food in this one, including pickles, spaghetti, and well-aged crackers, but no yogurt to be seen. Dare we hope that was a yogurt-based dip Michael's mom was serving?
When Michael returns to the loft after Poole's house burns down, Fiona is sitting at the counter eating a yogurt. (Thanks to [personal profile] petunia846 for the correction!)

Episode 24 - Seek and Destroy
- When Sam goes to drink his beer on the balcony so Michael & Fiona can talk, Fiona leaves an empty yogurt container on the bed.

- When Melanie comes to the loft, Sam tells her that Michael is out getting some yogurt.

- Michael is eating a yogurt when Melanie calls from the office.

Episode 25 - Bad Breaks
No yogurt in this one. Liquid nitrogen, yes, but no yogurt.

Episode 26 - Truth And Reconciliation
Michael eats a yogurt while he and Sam tell Claude that they'll take the job after all.

Episode 27 - Sins of Omission
- Michael & Fiona are eating yogurt when he asks her to show Victor's picture around.

- Michael gets a yogurt from the AFC break-room frig.

Episode 28 - Lesser Evil
No yogurt this time, which is understandable under the circumstances.

And that's it until June. See you in the summer, yogurt lovers!

Season 3

The yogurt returns!

Episode 29 - Friends and Family
- Michael eats a yogurt at his apartment while talking to Harlan & Marta about needing a new plan.

- Harlan and Fiona both have yogurts when Michael comes down after setting up the second meeting with Cortez. Harlan pours beer into his.

Episode 30 - Question and Answer
- Michael gets a yogurt when he returns from his run to find Fiona's latest bail-jumper handcuffed in his apartment.

- Michael includes "four yogurts -- three yogurts. I actually had one." (blueberry, according to Fiona) when listing everything he owns to Paxson.

Episode 31 - End Run
- Michael is eating a yogurt as the episode opens, before Nate and the cops show up. When Paxson tries to question him, Michael's brush-off begins, "I'm crazy busy. I have to finish my yogurt...." He proceeds to do just that while talking to the cops, and then to Nate.

- Fiona is eating a yogurt when Michael returns to his apartment after checking on Nate at his mom's house.

Episode 32 - Fearless Leader
No yogurt-related activities were spotted during surveillance of this episode.

Episode 33 - Signals And Codes
Michael eats a spoonful of something that I'm pretty sure is yogurt while he's working on the bump key.

Episode 34 - The Hunter
- Michael & Fiona interrupt their sparring session to find a gift basket of yogurt on the loft's outside staircase. Michael says that's "like two days' worth" of yogurt. The accompanying note says to meet at Frozen Yogurt.

- Strickler asks if Michael liked the yogurt, and Michael replies that he was taught never to accept yogurt from strangers.

- When Michael returns to the loft, Fiona is eating one of the gift yogurts (there are six), and she comments that his secret admirer has good taste in yogurt. She opens a second one, and she and Michael trade yogurts as if to taste-test both.

Episode 35 - Shot in the Dark
- Michael eats a yogurt at Fiona's while interrogating Joey.

- In response to Michael's pep talk after the case is over, Joey says, "So you're saying I should eat a lot of yogurt?" (Michael's response: "Couldn't hurt.")

Episode 36 - Friends Like These
When Fiona's going to get something to eat, Natalie asks, "What kind of yogurt did you say you had?" Fiona lists blueberry, vanilla, and peach, with more implied. Later, there are two yogurts on the table.

Episode 37 - Long Way Back
Apparently they were all too busy for yogurt, this ep.

And that ends the half-season. More here when there's more in Miami!

Season 3.5

More yogurt!

Episode 38 - A Dark Road
Michael eats a yogurt while Fiona tells him and Sam about the insurance scam client.

Episode 39 - Friendly Fire
Michael gets a yogurt after he returns from stealing Omar's van, but he barely gets to touch it before Sam calls; Fiona eats it instead.

Episode 40 - Noble Causes
Michael eats a yogurt while Fiona talks him into helping Sugar's cousin.

Episode 41 - Enemies Closer
No yogurt in this one; maybe Larry stole it?

Episode 42 - Partners in Crime
Two in a row with no yogurt? For shame!

Episode 43 - Good Intentions
There is a distinct lack of yogurt, again.

Episode 44 - Devil You Know
Sam says that since the emergency-emergency location didn't have room for a frig, there's no yogurt and no beer.

See you in June, yogurt lovers!

Season 4

Episode 45 - Friends and Enemies
Michael is eating a yogurt at the loft while the gang explains the financial plan to Winston.

Episode 46 - Fast Friends
Michael gets out a pair of yogurts for himself and Jesse at the loft.

Episode 47 - Made Man
Michael hands his yogurt to Jesse when Sam calls to report on his "meeting" with Tony.

Episode 48 - Breach of Faith
A dairy-free episode. That's the trouble with hostage situations: You can't take a break to run out for some yogurt.

Episode 49 - Neighborhood Watch
Michael is eating yogurt when Madeline comes to the loft to harangue him about the clinic.

Episode 50 - Entry Point
"Mr. Slippery" must have stolen the yogurt.

Episode 51 - Past and Future Tense
Michael eats a yogurt while he, Sam, and Fiona brainstorm with Paul in the loft.

Episode 52 - Where There's Smoke
Michael is eating a yogurt when Fiona stops by the loft to pick up her Walther.

Episode 53 - Center of the Storm
No yogurt; did it spoil in the power outage? Oh no!

Episode 54 - Hard Time
I guess they don't serve yogurt in prison.

Episode 55 - Blind Spot
Three in a row with no yogurt -- there'd better be some serious dairy payoff next week!

Episode 56 - Guilty As Charged
Fiona is eating a yogurt when Michael returns from meeting Jesse; Michael takes it and eats some before Fiona takes it back.

Episode 57 - Eyes Open
No yogurt for the half-season opener. Sunglasses, but no yogurt.

Episode 58 - Hot Property
- There's something that might be a yogurt on the bench while Michael, Sam, & Fiona are discussing that they have little choice but to work with Natalie.

- Michael eats a yogurt while he and Sam set Natalie up via her bug.

Episode 59 - Brotherly Love
Michael is eating a yogurt while Sam packs.

Episode 60 - Dead or Alive
Sam had a "daily yogurt tally" when he was watching Michael for the Feds. (Sam was a YogurtWatcher!)

Episodes 61 & 62 - Out of the Fire & Last Stand
I don't think there was any yogurt in the two-part season finale, but it was so action-packed I could have missed a whole dairy truck.

Season 5

Episode 63 - Company Man
While he & Max are in the middle of the firefight in Kessler's compound, Michael offers "I eat a lot of yogurt!" as a reason why he's still alive.

Episode 64 - Bloodlines
No yogurt.

Episode 65 - Mind Games
- The client owns a frozen yogurt shop, she pays Michael in free yogurt, and his cover character refers to her as "yogurt lady" throughout. The whole episode is basically one giant yogurt reference!

- Michael is eating a yogurt while reviewing his files before Fiona, er, distracts him.

Episode 66 - No Good Deed
No yogurt.

Episode 67 - Square One
Michael has a yogurt on the stakeout at Brandon's mom's house.

Episode 68 - Enemy of My Enemy
- Michael gets a yogurt from the fridge and eats it while telling Jesse that he gets to tip off the Serbians.

- Sam says there was lots of yogurt (blueberry yogurt) along with the drug equipment in the Serbian captive's motel room.

- Jesse grabs several yogurts from Michael's frig, and when Carmello arrives at the motel room, there are a couple of empty blueberry yogurt containers along with the other staged paraphenalia. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] merclibrarian for pointing that out!)

Episode 69 - Besieged
No yogurt. And a surprising shortage of alcohol.

Episode 70 - Hard Out
- Michael gets a yogurt from the fridge while telling Fiona the source of the C-4.

- Jesse tells Pearce he works with Michael for "Free yogurt. Lots of free yogurt."

Episode 71 - Eye for an Eye
Michael eats a yogurt while Jesse & Fiona tell him the research is being moved to the bank vault.

Episode 72 - Army of One
No yogurt.

Episode 73 - Better Halves
- Fiona says, "As much as I would enjoy a meal that doesn't come out of a yogurt cup..." when Michael is pitching the extraction job to her.

- Pearce is eating a yogurt in Michael's loft when he returns from the extraction job.

Episode 74 - Dead to Rights
- Larry gets a yogurt from Michael's frig while explaining his plan to break into the British Consulate.

- When Larry says, "Do you have any idea what they feed you in an Albanian prison?", Michael responds, "Yogurt?"

- Pearce is eating a yogurt sorbet when Michael arrives at the bar.

Episode 75 - Damned If You Do...
Michael eats a yogurt while interrogating Oswald in the loft.

Episode 76 - Breaking Point
Michael is eating a yogurt when Jesse comes into the loft and he and Fiona have to tell Jesse she can't get the weapons.

Episode 77 - Necessary Evil
No yogurt.

Episode 78 - Depth Perception
No yogurt.

Episode 79 - Acceptable Loss
Michael get a yogurt when he calls Jesse regarding Vaughn.

Episode 80 - Fail Safe
No yogurt.

Season 6

Episode 81 - Scorched Earth
It would have been nice if they'd given us a yogurt reference to start the season, but they were too busy blowing things up.

Episode 82 - Mixed Messages
- Michael's training officer has a yogurt in hand when he's introduced.

- At the end of the operation, Card tells Michael to come back to the office for some yogurt.

Episode 83 - Last Rites
- Michael eats a yogurt while Pearce briefs Nate & his mom.

- Sam uses yogurt to fake the gram stain test.

Episode 84 - Under the Gun
No yogurt.

Episode 85 - Split Decision
Michael gets a yogurt while asking Rebecca about her brother.

Episode 86 - Shock Wave
No yogurt. Lotsa beer, though.

Episode 87 - Reunion
No yogurt.

Episode 88 - Unchained
No yogurt.

Episode 89 - Official Business
No yogurt.

Episode 90 - Desperate Times
No yogurt.

Episode 91/92 - Desperate Measures / Means & Ends
No yogurt.

Episode 93 - Over The Line
No yogurt.

Episode 94 - Down and Out
No yogurt.

Episode 95 - Best Laid Plans
No yogurt.

Episode 96 - Odd Man Out
No yogurt.

Episode 97/98 - You Can Run / Game Change
No yogurt.

Season 7

Episode 99 - New Deal
No yogurt. When Michael returns to his apartment to find Burke and his goon waiting there, Burke is eating a yogurt. (Thanks to an anonymous commenter for the correction!)

Episode 100 - Forget Me Not
No yogurt.

Episode 101 - Down Range
No yogurt.

Episode 102 - Brothers In Arms
No yogurt.

Episode 103 - Exit Plan
No yogurt.

Episode 104 - All Or Nothing
- Michael tells the hacker boss that he needs "plenty of yogurt in the fridge. Blueberry." Fiona confirms, "Lots of it."

- Michael gets a yogurt from the cooler while discussing the break-in.

- Michael has a yogurt in hand on the way to his roof-top "smoke break".

Episode 105 - Psychological Warfare
Michael is eating a yogurt while writing his "resume".

Episode 106 - Nature of the Beast
No yogurt.

Episode 107 - Bitter Pill
No yogurt.

Episode 108 - Things Unseen
Steel serves blueberry yogurt along with the drinks, saying, "Blueberry was your favorite, right?"

Episode 109 - Tipping Point
No yogurt.

Episode 110 - Sea Change
No yogurt.

Episode 111 - Reckoning
At the funeral, Sam says, "Lotta places in the world with C-4 and yogurt."


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701 - Someone pointed out to me that Burke had a yogurt in hand when Michael found him waiting for him in his apartment.




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