Thursday, January 15th, 2015

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...or, the genesis of an idea.

One of the side-effects of deciding to finally send "Rising to the Occasion" out into slush-land was that I re-read it, and one of the effects of that was that the characters moved back in and took over my brain. I've even scribbled down a few snippets, though it's all been slice-of-life stuff that probably doesn't belong anywhere and certainly doesn't count toward word-quotas until/unless it acquires a plot.

Today I happened to glance over some of the ideas I'd brainstormed and rejected for the first story, one of which still catches my fancy... but it'd have to be set a couple of years after the first one, and I'd like to do some more stories in the series first, if series there is to be. (Which is probably something that should wait til I've at least sold the first one, but writer-brain will persist in these things.) There was one element of that idea, though, that just didn't fit, entertaining though an ice-imp potentially is. ("Imps are a myth." "Yes, I know, but....") But it might be enough to carry a story by itself... and then I went to take a shower, which I should have known was asking for trouble. (All the best ideas come in the shower.) Somewhere between the shampoo and the hot water running lukewarm, it acquired a setting, and I worked out how the main character would get involved. And then while I was getting dressed, it went and evolved a name.

So now I really had better finish up the Haley short-story, so I can make room for "A Cold Day in Spells". (Yes, I really did go there. Sorry.)




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