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Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 09:58 pm
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It's been short-story month here at Chez Writer, both novel tie-in stuff and new stand-alones.

old mission stories: 581
Haley mission stories: 548
original short fiction: 1745
Total new words in July: 2874

Oh, so close! I am both irked at not writing an additional 126 words, and delighted that I got that close, given the way this month has been. On balance, I think delighted is winning.

Queries sent: 2

Not so close. (Quota was 4.5; don't ask me how that half-a-query was going to happen.) I did, however, manage one a week for the two weeks in which I wasn't working, so that's something.

I'm giving myself a pass because I have been working absolutely insane hours the past three weeks. Now, working a full-time, or even a more-than-full-time, job is no excuse for not writing. Plenty of people manage it, and if this was going to be a long-term gig, I'd find a way to manage it too. I'm letting myself off the hook only because this is a short-term contract, so any writing-around-the-job habit wouldn't even be fully established before I no longer needed it. And at that, I did manage to write some during the working weeks, on breaks or dictating while driving or cramming it in at night.

August's goals: 3000 words. 3 queries. Finish the story for the ISFiC Writers Contest. Figure out if the other story I've been shopping around is ready to go back out, and if it is, send it.

And then get back to that novel I'm supposed to be writing.




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