December Word Count

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 12:25 pm
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I had meant to do some writing on the first, to start the New Year off right. Instead, I got sucked into errands and tasks, and haven't gotten unsucked yet. So it looks like the new year is carrying on true to form. ;-P

So what did December have to say for itself?

original short fiction: 1920

Total new words in December: 1920

Disappointingly low, but then I did give myself permission to go easy in December. Plus, that total represents two completed short stories, both of which were previously stuck, as well as tweaks to a third story which got it to the point that I'm willing to send it out. So actually I'm pretty darned satisfied.

No queries sent, and there won't be until I've found a new email service that doesn't randomly delete messages with the subject line "Re: Query...."

Short stories submitted: 2

So overall not bad, given the limitations and the time of year. I'll take it.

For January: The laid-back approach still seems to be working, so I'm going to carry on not stressing about word-counts for a while longer.

I did finally make a list of all the works-in-progress (credit less to willpower than to curiosity). It was not as traumatic as I'd feared; stories-started-then-stuck made up a much smaller portion of the list than I'd anticipated. And it was useful as a focusing tool. So:

January's main goal is to dig into the Highway of Mirrors revisions. At minimum, fix the logical inconsistency, and sort through the other notes I've accumulated to see what fits where. It may be worth trying to recruit fresh betas between the logic-fix and any emotion-conveying revisions. (Psst, hey, anybody wanna read an old-school-inspired spy novel with a complicated-romance sub-theme?)

Stretch goal: Finish a short story (probably "Measure", the one that needed the railroad research).

Carry on submitting stories as opportunity presents.

In a writing-related vein, get going on the email research. I've been concentrating on cleaning out my existing accounts, and not that that doesn't need to be done, but that doesn't have to happen before new accounts can be test-driven. And too much is waiting on having new accounts established.

August Word Count

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 03:04 pm
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I almost don't want to look....

Falling From Ground = 2458
original short fiction = 660
Total new words in August = 3118

Hey, whattaya know! Soft target achieved after all. Pretty good; and with the obstreperous plotlines, computer problems, and other obstactles, actually very good indeed!

No short stories sent out, which is only mostly my fault: the market which I was holding one for has failed to reopen for submissions as anticipated.

There will be progress on querying in September; I have already sent a nudge.

I'm not setting goals otherwise, because the wordcount-pressure has been causing me problems more than it's been helping. There will just be words. Also queries and submissions. Onward.

September Word Count

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 08:24 pm
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Falling From Ground = 3783
The Green Ring = 2318
Total new words in September = 6101

Well, whattaya know? That's quota, and then some! After what I figured out about chapter 2 of Falling From Ground, I was prepared to let myself off, and maybe go to a half-quota, 2500 or 3000 words, for the next month or two. But thanks to Green Ring, I don't have to.

Yay to that!

Querying... didn't happen. Oops.

For next month:

What the hell, 5000 words. Let's see if the magic continues.

I need to get back on the querying wagon. Being casual with myself isn't working. Given how fast September slipped away from me, I'm not sure anything calendar-based is a good idea, but I'm going to try the every-seven-days thing again (query one or cross off two).

I also need to get back to sending out short stories; I have things that were waiting on various markets re-opening, but now they're just waiting on me. (Well, and waiting on critique, but, well.) A quick glance at the subs log tells me I've got at least three stories sitting around here; let's get at least two of them out this month.
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Been meaning to post this for days, but fell down the rabbit-hole... including two days spent trying to name a character. Which pretty well describes how the de-bracketing on Chapter 1 is going. ;-P

Falling From Ground = 6149
original short fiction = 96
Total new words in August = 6245

Now that's more like it! Having broken through several blocks on the new novel, I was finally able to get the first chapter going. I'm not at all sure it's right; it may need significantly more revision than my first chapters usually do, but at least it's there. Must get it to my alpha-reader, so she can tell me what I've done.

And a lot of that word-count is because, as threatened, I jumped ahead and wrote the scene that was clear in my head, henceforth to be referred to as Chapter N until I figure out where in the sequence it fits. There's lots of material there to work with going forward. Not so much working backward; it'll be interesting to see if the preceding chapters catch up before it gets carried away.

Worthy of note: Rewrote the Highway of Mirrors synopsis to fit on one page!

Queries sent: 2, including the one that required the dread synopsis re-writing above. Also crossed... one?... agent off the list.

Also: Solicited feedback on various short stories from several people, none of whom were obligated to do it. They said yes anyway! The one who's gotten back to me so far has presented a cat's-cradle of confusion that I'm still not sure what to do about, but at least I'm collecting more data to work with.

Next up:

I need to find some more sources for Financial Wizardry. Among other things, it would be nice to have an alternate thing to work on during the de-bracketing/waiting-for-feedback lulls. Anybody know a financial planner / money manager who'd love to talk about his average day?

Keep querying.

And whatever they're on, 5000 words.


So, there was July

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 01:55 pm
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Falling From Ground: 252
bakery story: 2158
Total new words in July: 2410


Non-numerically speaking, the bakery story ("Rising to the Occasion", yes I tried to resist, but there it is) is finished, beta-read, and basically ready to go. I'm very pleased with it; there's a lot of things going on below the surface, as 'twere, there's some clever world-building that justifies my back-brain's insistence on certain features, and I even managed some subtle character stuff that my beta-reader picked right up on!

Also: Contacted somebody about the research I need before starting Financial Wizardry. Haven't gotten the information back yet, but at least I've started the ball rolling.

I had more or less resigned myself to back-burnering Falling From Ground, as it seemed to need to compost more. No sooner had I done so, however, than I recognized what's probably the major thing holding me up. Haven't addressed it yet, for reasons I'll explain elsewhere, but the diagnosis has moved it back up to a front burner again.

So, what's on for August?

- Do the head-work I've got to do to get Falling From Ground moving properly.

- Get back to querying Highway of Mirrors. I've collected another little list of potential agents; I should at least burn through that, AAR database or no.

- I think it's time to get back to quota-land. So: 2500 words, on FFG, FinWiz, short stories, or any combination. That's a nice warm-up amount, should be doable if I only apply myself.

(Admin note: Have I never properly introduced Financial Wizardry, a.k.a. Will Wallace, financial advisor to wizards? I came up with it at that local writers conference a couple years ago (the only useful thing to come out of that conference), but I can't seem to find a tag for it. Well, it's got one now.)

May Word Count / Goals

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 11:22 am
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And, with 4162 new words in the month of May, the Haley novel is done!

That's "done", of course. It's a novel, after all.

Technically, the writing was done by the end of the month, but the de-bracketing got done the next day. However, I'm giving myself a one-day grace period on account of getting the edit letter on my first ever professional sale OMG at the same time I was trying to wrap up the novel. And there's still the beta-review to be done, and whatever revisions come out of that.

But it's a kind of done, and I'll take it.

(My unstated goal was actually to finish before MediaWest. That didn't happen. Neither did finishing during MediaWest. And I'd meant "done" to mean done with the beta-revisions, too. But given how hard the last couple of chapters, and especially the last two scenes, were fighting me, I'm delighted to be any kind of done at all.)

It feels very weird, and immensely freeing, to be done with this thing. I've had "must finish book" repeating in my head for months now, to the point that I wasn't sleeping well toward the end because of it. And it's been nearly four years, start to for-now-finish, that this story's been on my plate (though I did, to be fair, take half a year off to write ...And The Kitchen Sink). It's been through one complete plot change and another significant alteration, and more stuck bits than I can rightly count. And now it's "done". There's still the beta-revisions on the last chapter, and then it's going to be drawered for a bit and we'll see what comes out of that, but it feels like an enormous weight is finally off my shoulders.

Oh, and it's tentatively titled Truth From Lies, unless I decide otherwise.

And now? I'm taking some time off. I'll write some short stories, maybe even some fanfic, but for the next month or two I'm not undertaking any large projects. I also need to do some hard-core querying on Highway of Mirrors; I still have that date with the AAR database that I've been putting off to concentrate on Haley. Falling From Ground and Financial Wizardry are still waiting in the wings, but I want some down time before I tackle figuring out another set of novel-sized issues.

April Word Count / Goals

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 11:47 am
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Haley novel: 2569
Total new words in April: 2569

Yeah, totally blew my quota. There are excuses; Science Festival at the local university ate several evenings and an entire weekend, and of course there were taxes. But mostly it was because Chapter 14 kept kicking my ass. And 15 is being even more obstreperous.

I am an intuitive writer, and story comes to me as words, not as pictures or movie images or, ghod forbid, an intellectual decision to write something that works like [this]. Ideally, it comes as the first words, following naturally from the scene before. Sometimes it's a chunk from the middle of a scene, a sentence fragment or even a paragraph, but it generally comes attached to enough stuff in my head that I know what the surrounding words will be like. And this works great, about 95% of the time.

The end of this book is being the other 5%. I know what kind of scenes I need, to wrap up the various sub-plots, but for most of it I have NO WORDS. And the words I do have aren't coming with the necessary context attached to them, and what context they do have is... going to take some juggling to make it fit on a purely practical level in-story. So I'm having to sort out on a purely intellectual level what [this] scene will be, and what order it will come in, and what sort of emotional weight it will have, and how much screen time it merits... and that is not how I normally work! So it is coming slowly, and hard.

Having consciously bashed out the approximate shape of the end of the book, I did finally start getting some words yesterday, lines and even one or two paragraphs spread scattershot through the last half-dozen scenes. It's a very jigsaw-puzzle way of working, and it hazards things not fitting once I finally write up to them, but it seems to be what I've got to work with this time. So work I shall.

The query goal was to go through the AAR database, and that... didn't happen. It's still a good idea, and I still intend to do it, but it may have to wait for a little while.

May's goal: finish the book.

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old-mission stories: 59
original short fiction: 7
Haley novel: 7721
Total new words in March: 7787

Queries sent: 4

Quotas achieved! And then some, on the writing. The novel has reached that endgame portion where I have a constant refrain of "must finish book, must finish book" running in the back of my head. Which is not as helpful as you might think, since instead of useful words bubbling up in my brain I get "must finish book", but it does keep one focused. Word-count achieved by nice steady plodding; there were a couple of minor pushes in there, but nothing remarkable.

Querying wasn't quite on the seven-day schedule (on the 7th, 15th, 22nd, and 31st, to be precise), but it got done, and that's what counts.

I also sent 3 stories off during March, which gives me a total of 4 in various slush piles right now.

For April, another 5000 words. Which should get me pretty darned close to done; I'm on what I think is the penultimate chapter right now, though my ability to predict these things is known to be shaky.

The query-every-seven-days thing has been working well for me -- so well that I've used up my list of potential agents! So I'm taking a break from the seven-days routine; instead, April's query-related goal is to go through the AAR database by genre, and make a new list.


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Haley novel: 6231
Total new words in December: 6231

Target achieved, and then some. Pleasingly, I topped 5000 on the 19th of the month, once again by mostly steady plodding with a few big bursts as the inspiration took me. That's the way to do it, brain.

Chapter 10 is now with the alpha reader -- which is a huge relief, as it means she now knows the Other Big Spoiler that I've been biting my tongue on for months. I'm once again at a point of having to figure out what happens next, but the basic parameters are defined by previous events, so it's just a matter of picking the most entertaining details. ;-) And the novel as a whole has topped 55,000 words, which means I'm beginning to get that lovely feeling of inertia being on my side.

Queries: Did the agent-gathering on the 7th, and somehow managed not to do anything else. Well, I did look into some agents, but got stymied by running across UK agents, with the corresponding different requirements and preference for snail-mail. (Postage for 3 chapters to the UK? I've got to think a little longer about whether I'm excited enough about an agent for that. And with the also-corresponding tendency to less social-media presence, it's harder to judge that.) Oh well, nobody really reads queries over the holidays anyway. Right?

For January: more of the same. 5000 words; one query sent (or two agents crossed off) every seven days. Submit short stories as feasible.
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Haley novel: 5106
Total new words in October: 5106

Target achieved! And thanks to being up all night last night, both chapters 7 & 8 are de-bracketed, and can be handed off to my alpha reader so she can tell me if I'm even remotely on the right track.

(Actually, only part of "all night" can be blamed on Haley. The rest was due to a very cute cat who curled up next to me and purred for petting. All night. There was a near-storm, and he seemed to want me close for reassurance, and he never does that. So yeah, no way was I leaving that.)

No big pushes to hit quota, just nice steady plodding, a little front-loaded toward the beginning of the month. Which is the way it's supposed to work.

Queries: Sent one or crossed off two every seven days, for a total of 3 queries sent this month.

That's all goals met. Go, me!

November's goals:

I'm not doing NaNo, but I was considering doing a NaNo-style push to get the Haley novel, if not done, at least a lot closer. However, given the way things have been going, I think I'm better off sticking to my slow-and-steady approach. Not that I'd mind if half a dozen chapters fell down over the next 30 days, but my official quota is still 5000 words.

The every-seven-days thing worked really well, so same again: one agent researched & queried or two researched & crossed off, accountable on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, working ahead permitted.

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Target was 4000 words and 4 queries.

original short fiction (revisions): 7
Haley novel: 2938
Total new words in September: 2945

Not quota. :-( However, if the first part of the month had looked like the last week or so, I would have been golden, so at least there's an upward trend. I had fantasies of doing a 1500-word marathon and pulling it out at the last minute, which was unrealistic but not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility; it's not inconceivable that I could have managed it if I had not had to deal with Stressful Things (TM) yesterday afternoon. However, the purpose of the quota is not actually to do 38% of the work in 3% of the allotted time. More plodding, less last-minute scrambling next month.

I did at least get That Scene done. And the novel as a whole moving again.

Queries sent: 0

Not good. Not good at all. There needs to be a new system of accountability for querying; more on that below.

Also this month:

The short story got rejected again. :-( Mind you, it was a very nice rejection, and said positive things about something I was rather pleased with myself for having pulled off, so that's cool. But still, another rejection. I really am wondering if I need to do more revision, or if an allegorical story about the dangers of over-reliance on technology is just not viable in today's market. I almost wish somebody would say, "It's a great story, and if this was 1968 we'd buy it in a heartbeat", just so I'd know.

And I got another query "no thanks". Am soldiering on, but could sure use a bit of good news on the publication front.

So, on to October's goals.

Despite not having made quota this past month, I'm upping the wordcount goal to 5000 for October. If I can keep up the pace I did in the last third of September (almost all of the words above happened in the last ten days), that should be more than doable.

As for queries, a new system. Once-a-month accountability just isn't working for me; querying is not something I can do in quantity at the last minute, and besides, that's writing time. ;-P Plus, researching an agent takes time and effort whether I decide to query them or rule them out, but ruling them out doesn't count for quota, so it feels like wasted effort (even though it's not). So the new rule is: Every seven days, I either query one agent *or* rule out two. Two keeps me from ruling them out just to hit quota (because that's twice as much work); one rewards a successful agent researching, because that's what actually matters. I'm accountable on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, which aligns with the monthly schedule for writing quota but breaks up the load (and as long as it's not February, gives me a few days off at the end of the month -- which I'll likely spend scrambling to make wordcount). And yes, I can work ahead.

We'll see how this works. Anyone who notices it's a multiple-of-seven date and feels like checking in with me on the query status, be my guest.
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Targets were: 3000 words.

original short fiction: 6836
old mission stories: 360 (plus some random stuff I'm not counting)
Haley novel: 111
Total new words in August: 7307

Ha! More than double the goal, and more than even my usual non-slack-cutting wordcount goal. Go, me!

3 queries.

Queries sent: 1

Oh, well. I was geared up to charge through all three on the 30th (yeah, all at the last minute, I know), but the second agent I tried is UK-based, which means different standards, also less social-media presence, and I kept finding contradictory reports on their business practices... and eventually I got so flummoxed that I couldn't tell if I wanted to cross them off just to be done with it, or query them just to be done with it. Which is a clear sign it's time to stop if ever there was one.

Finish the story for the ISFiC Writers Contest.

Done! And sent! (And now comes the waiting part.... Have I mentioned I'm bad at waiting?)

Figure out if the other story I've been shopping around is ready to go back out, and if it is, send it.

I figured it out. And then I waffled. And then I decided again. And... you get the idea. But I did finally commit to a version and chuck it back out into the ether -- a few days after the end of the month, granted, but I'm calling it close enough. It's done now, anyway.

And then get back to that novel I'm supposed to be writing.

Note that 111 words up there? Yeah! Not a lot in actual word-count, but it's carrying on from the point at which that novel's been stalled for absolute ages; I was beginning to be worried that that scene was terminally stuck. So any progress is good! And I can feel the right mind-set for the novel settling back in. Need to get cracking on actual words, yes, but I'm feeling good about the prospects. So, done.

That's two incontrovertibly done, one done, one done with rounding in my favor, and one at 1/3. Not bad!

I do need to get the querying under control; that one's been slipping under every month. Yes, it's work, and profoundly unrewarding. But eventually it will pay off -- but only if it gets done.

September's goals: 4000 words (gearing back up), a hefty chunk of which had better be on the Haley novel. 4 queries. And that's it; other opportunities as they come my way, of course, but it's time to focus back on core requirements.

July Word Count/Goals

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 09:58 pm
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It's been short-story month here at Chez Writer, both novel tie-in stuff and new stand-alones.

old mission stories: 581
Haley mission stories: 548
original short fiction: 1745
Total new words in July: 2874

Oh, so close! I am both irked at not writing an additional 126 words, and delighted that I got that close, given the way this month has been. On balance, I think delighted is winning.

Queries sent: 2

Not so close. (Quota was 4.5; don't ask me how that half-a-query was going to happen.) I did, however, manage one a week for the two weeks in which I wasn't working, so that's something.

I'm giving myself a pass because I have been working absolutely insane hours the past three weeks. Now, working a full-time, or even a more-than-full-time, job is no excuse for not writing. Plenty of people manage it, and if this was going to be a long-term gig, I'd find a way to manage it too. I'm letting myself off the hook only because this is a short-term contract, so any writing-around-the-job habit wouldn't even be fully established before I no longer needed it. And at that, I did manage to write some during the working weeks, on breaks or dictating while driving or cramming it in at night.

August's goals: 3000 words. 3 queries. Finish the story for the ISFiC Writers Contest. Figure out if the other story I've been shopping around is ready to go back out, and if it is, send it.

And then get back to that novel I'm supposed to be writing.
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Haley mission stories = 1598
Haley novel (tweaking a joke) = 2
original short fiction (revisions) = 5
Total new words in June = 1605

Queries sent: 1

Which means I fell short of both my goals (3000 and 3, respectively); on the other hand, I at least did something toward each of them. I feel surprisingly good about that.

Revisions never show up properly in word counts. There were a lot more than 5 new words in there, but I only count net. Bonus points to me for tackling the revision, thanks to the so very helpful feedback from a certain someone at 4th Street.

I also went over the Haley-novel-thus-far with the alpha reader, and started getting Ideas. This is a good sign.

On the queryitis front: Okay, that one query was last night, and the point of a deadline is not to wait until the last minute and then try to cram everything in. On the other hand, it got done, and it got done after the frustration of two agents-on-the-list in a row being closed to queries. And I think it maybe even didn't suck.

Also, I have started off this month right, for I sent another query today! Go, me!

For July: Keep writing, keep querying. I'm going to say 3000 words again, at least some of which should be on the Haley novel. And at least one query a week, which means 4.5 for the month.

May Word Count/Goals

Monday, June 3rd, 2013 04:45 pm
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Kitchen Sink = 39
old mission stories = 263
Haley mission stories = 1054
Haley novel = 20
Total new words in May = 1376

- Goal was 5000. Bugger.

- Finish beta-review & edits on Kitchen Sink: Done. Woot. The early part of May was so long ago that I'd forgotten all about this.

- Continue querying on Highway of Mirrors; goal was at least five. Queries done: zero. There was a lot of crossing agents off my list, and there was a con in there, but there was also a lot of just not sitting down and doing it.

- Start getting back into the Haley novel: Done, technically. I re-read the extant six and a half chapters, anyway. Made a few extremely minor tweaks, printed it and handed it off to my alpha reader. I may have made the mental adjustment to a theme that works for me (self-determination). The plot, however, is well and truly stalled. Hopefully some brain-storming with the alpha-reader once she's refreshed her memory will jar something loose.

Score: 2 out of 4, and not the more challenging two, either.

Fuck that shit.

For June, at least 3000 new words. And I want to see at least 3 queries out the door -- yes, even with a major con coming up at the end of the month. It's not that hard; suck it up and do it, me.

And now, I'm gonna go work on Haley-and-Marty-in-South-America. Because words happen by butt in chair, hands on keyboard.

Make that...

Monday, May 13th, 2013 11:34 pm
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Done? What's that?


Monday, May 13th, 2013 06:11 pm
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I have tweaked the last beta-suggested tweak, pulled the last tape flag. ...And The Kitchen Sink is officially done!

For now, of course. I know better by now than to say a novel is ever truly done. But it is time for me to set it aside and move on to the next thing.

For the record, that was three months for the first draft, and another three months for revisions (adding scenes, de-bracketing, beta-reading). That latter more represents a lot of waiting and flailing about than the actual amount of work involved; the first draft is probably about a 95% match to the for-now-final. 86,438 words, for those who are counting. I am happy with it. And this proves I can turn out a solid novel in six months -- probably less if I had to.

I need a "Woot!" userpic. Woot!

April Word Count / Goals

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 12:52 pm
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First, the word counts. For there were words, even if that wasn't the goal-marker.

Kitchen Sink: 3554
other: 426
Total new words in April: 3980

Huh! That was a lot more than I expected, on Kitchen Sink. And that's net; there was a lot of cutting in there as I flailed around with the bits-added-in-later, and I was braced for the result to be pretty low. (For the record, gross was 4308, not that that counts.)

This is why word count is a useful metric for me, for all its occasional frustrations.

The "other" was a short-short, original prompt-fic; I'm not sure it's publishable outside of the Podunk Library Newsletter-Gazette, but I like it. :-) Am wildly relieved that I can still write a short-short, after all this noveling.

Now, the actual goals as set:

- Finish the sub-plot and related elements in Kitchen Sink: Done.

Would have liked to have gotten the beta-edits done as well, but that would have required getting it to my beta-reader more than four days before the end of the month. Even so, that's done to about the two-fifths mark.

- Query at least one agent a week: Done, -ish. It wasn't one agent each week, but there were four weeks in April, and I queried four agents (Well, with a little fudging on the calendar, but given that for one of the agents, every listing I found had different submission requirements, I think I'm entitled to a fudge factor.), so good enough.

Note to self: When setting goals for next April, I must remember that taxes exist.

As for the non-writing goals, I did get the car seen to (which is why I'm not doing anything else for a while; ouch$). Or mostly, anway; there's a follow-up thing that I'll take care of next time it's in for an oil change. I did not get the new userpic made; the item I want for the base picture is remarkably hard to photograph well, and will take much more fiddling with than anticipated. Or maybe a better camera/photographer.

Goals for May:

- 5000 new words. Doesn't matter on what, though I started a new story last night that seems promising.

- Finish beta-review & edits on Kitchen Sink. Basically, get it really and truly Done, at least for now.

- Continue querying on Highway of Mirrors, at least one agent per week.

- tentative goal: Start getting back into the Haley novel. It's been on hiatus for various good reasons, but one more good reason and it's going to start looking an awful lot like an excuse. Time to put it back into production. Minimum quantifiable: Reread the existing chapters, make any remaining tweaks for the new plot and/or notes about things that will have to be handled differently.

Take That, Calendar

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 12:29 pm
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I am officially declaring today an honorary part of April, at least for querying purposes. So there.
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Finished de-bracketing ...And The Kitchen Sink yesterday! It didn't even take the all-day marathon on the last day that I was dreading; in fact, the last twenty pages or so fell down with barely a push. Seems the farther I got from NaNo, the less bracket-happy I was.

March's goal round-up:

De-bracket Kitchen Sink - Done.

Add sub-plot & other fill-ins to Kitchen Sink - not done. Originally these were the same goal, but I wanted the de-bracketing done before starting the sub-plot, and the one held up the other, so I'm counting them as two for current purposes. I was going to feel really bad about this (it's been on the goal list for two months now), but the de-bracketing turned out to be such a huge enough chore that I'm actually totally okay with getting one of the two done.

Finish the Highway of Mirrors synopsis - Done.

Query at least one agent - Done, and done again for good measure.

Do some writing, even if it's just fanfic - Done. My unofficial quota for this was 5000 words or the first "episode" of the current Doctor Who WIP, whichever came first. I finished the first episode, clocking in at 1928 new words. Works for me.

For April:

- Finish the sub-plot and related elements in Kitchen Sink. Yes, finally.

- Continue querying. At least one agent a week, I'd say.

And two goals that aren't writing, but are vaguely writing-related:

- I need a writing-related userpic. My Good/Bad meta 'pic is getting way overused. I have the idea, I have base pictures, I just need to put in a couple hours of dinking with graphics.

- Get the car seen to. I've been putting off what I suspect will be a rather expensive repair, which has been fine for the past few months, since even my day job rarely involves leaving the house. But if I don't get it fixed soon, it's going to start interfering with my ability to go to conventions and conferences. Which are a writing-related activity, which makes the car a writing-support issue, if you squint at it the right way. ;-)




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