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...there's a list of Campbell-eligible authors at

If you're an SF writer and your first professional sale was published in 2014 or 2015, go there to see if you're eligible. You probably are. (I'm not. Turns out the prior year's contest win netted enough to count for their purposes, so I'm past my shelf date. Ah, well.)

Also, there's an anthology of Campbell-eligible authors being put together here. It's exposure-only, but might be good for some name recognition.

(Note: I am in no way hallucinating that I'd need to start working on an acceptance speech, even if I were still eligible. This is more in the nature of a PSA to any fellow writers who were equally oblivious to this stuff's existence.)
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I'm not sure I even knew there was an Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase, let alone that I was in it.

Yeah, that's kinda cool. ;-)
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Checking for a tangentially-related reason, I discovered that ISFiC has updated the Writers Contest winners list.

Yay! Now I won't look like I'm making stuff up if I mention it in queries!
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ISFiC still hasn't posted this year's winner, but I just discovered that File 770 has a short news article about it. Thanks, guys!
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A recent post over at Nelson Literary Agency mentioned that "what just-about-to-be-published writers need to do is analyze what they like and what is fun for them to do and see if that can’t be turned into an interesting or unique promo opportunity."

Now that's an interesting thing to think about.* What is fun for me to do? What do I enjoy enough that I'd do it entirely for its own sake, even if there wasn't a publicity angle? And how can that be angled into something useful for publicity purposes?

I'm not overly keen on blogging (as is fairly obvious from this journal's fallow times), which is one of the things that makes the above such a refreshing change from the all-social-media-all-the-time approach to publicity. (Also, for me social media-ing taps the same resources as writing, and those resources are limited; I've long realized I can do one or the other, but not both.) Book trailers leave me 'meh' even as a reader, never mind doing one of my own. I've never been clever at getting others to jump on my bandwagon, so trying to make something go viral would be an act of futility for me -- not that it isn't a crap-shoot at best for anyone.

I do kind of like making hand-painted t-shirts, though it's time-consuming and rather hard on the hands and back. I also make decorated cookies that people have been pretty wow about, though again, time-consuming and physically taxing in quantity. Those are both things with publicity potential, but probably best saved for certain rare occasions. I'm not sure how one might turn DIY home improvement into a publicity opportunity; win this contest and the author will come paint your bathroom? Maybe not. ;-) Surrealist art makes me happy. So do bright colors and shiny things, and I have a wild appreciation for both the cute-but-useful novelty item and the atrociously tacky.

There we go: Run a contest, and the winner gets a hand-crafted useful novelty item in the most atrociously tacky taste I can devise. ;-)


*Yes, it's wildly premature for me to be worrying about this now. Which is why I'm not worrying about it; I'm just tossing some ideas around. And marking a reference for future, er, reference.




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