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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 11:53 am
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LJ has a new TOS, which pops up so you have to agree to it to use the service. (I actually give them points for the obnoxious, intrusive, unavoidable pop-up, rather than just slipping the changes into the TOS and not calling attention to it.) People are variously freaking out or shrugging. I waded through the English translation, which is not legally binding (the original in Russian is binding, but I don't read Russian, so try enforcing that in court, suckers), and it seems to be mostly the usual TOS junk -- though there is a bit about them being allowed to email you stuff, including advertising. That could be an issue if they actually use it, but then, that's why I have Sneakemail.

(If you tend to post about Russian politics or generally use your LJ as an actual journalism platform, this could be a problem for you. But if you do that, you're probably already aware of the concerns, and have been since LJ was bought by a Russian company several years ago. Nothing really new here.)

Mostly, though, it's SSDD. I shall keep cross-posting as I have been, and checking friends feed when I remember (which isn't as often as it should be). I'm not deleting anything, though I will up the priority on backing up my old pre-DW-crossposting entries -- just in case. (Since the worst LJ could realistically do to me, all the way on the other side of the globe, is delete my stuff.) And I should do that anyway.

I will say, for anyone reading this on LJ that does want to jump ship, importing your old LJ to Dreamwidth is really easy. And DW works pretty much like LJ only less broken. (The only feature gap I'm aware of is photo hosting; you can post photos to DW, but I understand it's awkward and limited. They're working on it, but it's complicated, and the DW folks generally don't like to put things into service until they're working right. Contemplate that for a minute.)
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LJ is doing that thing again where it doesn't display comments, at least in my browser. (I am rather over firing up other browsers and jumping through assorted hoops to accommodate LJ's latest incompetencies.) Yet another reminder of why I'm spending more and more of my time exclusively on Dreamwidth.

This issue has cropped up several times before and eventually gone away on its own, so we'll see if it does so again. In the meantime, if we interact on LJ and you have an equivalent Dreamwidth presence, now's a good time to let me know.
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Yeah, okay, I'm a bad fan. YogurtWatch is updated.

(Those of you reading this on LiveJournal will have to see the Dreamwidth version for Season 7, since that's the one I can update without jumping through hoops.)

It was a good ep, though I still miss the lighter tone of the earlier seasons. Interesting set-up for getting the band back together.

We also watched Graceland, while we were at it. Definitely not a keeper for me; may try another ep to see if it's a watcher.

Tag, You're Not It

Friday, March 1st, 2013 06:51 pm
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One of the challenges of database design is not just accommodating current needs, but anticipating future ones. I'm good at doing this most of the time, but most =/= all.

Tags are a database. And there are some things I'm still talking about that were tagged a certain way for reasons that no longer apply, or that I no longer want to think about in that way.

If you reached this post by following the HoM tag for Highway of Mirrors, you'll want to continue with the niay tag.

If you reached this post by following the Haley novel tag for the as-of-this-posting-untitled Haley novel, you'll want to continue with the novel 2 tag, which it was before I finished something else first. ;-)

(And if you're reading this on LiveJournal, you'll have to find those tags yourself, as the links point to Dreamwidth. And if you're reading this on Dreamwidth and want the niay tags prior to May 2nd, 2009, you'll have to look on LiveJournal. Platform changes, bleargh.)

Testing to see if Dreamwidth's beta Update page still works with cross-posting.

Also testing to see what happens if I don't pick a userpic on the Dreamwidth side.
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LiveJournal's new Update page is so broken in my browser of choice that I literally can't use it. I could maybe get around the userpic lookup, the mood lookup, and the tag lookup not working, but those geniuses have pushed an Update page on which even the Post button doesn't work.

So, from now on (or at least until LJ breaks that, too), I'll be using the automatic cross-poster from Dreamwidth. For years now, I've been cross-posting manually (because I like the additional control), but no more.

I'm leaving comments open on LJ for now, but I strongly urge readers to comment on Dreamwidth if they can. (There should be a link to the source Dreamwidth post at the bottom of every cross-posted entry; all you need to do is click it.)

If we chat on LJ and you also have an active Dreamwidth presence, please let me know. And if you don't have a Dreamwidth account but would like one, now's a good time. I don't recall if they're still doing invite codes, but if they are, just ask me; I have plenty.

Keep it up, guys....

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 04:07 pm
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I love how every time LiveJournal does something thick, Dreamwidth gets more traffic.

All other issues aside, that new comment page really is ugly, isn't it?
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(Crossposted from LiveJournal, as is everything I post.)

'Cause yeah, the LJ userbase was just clamoring for a way to repost on Facebook/Twitter.

[ profile] penknife has a suggestion for disabling the Facebook & Twitter tickies, depending on your style settings. There are other suggestions floating around, too.

Incidentally, if anyone needs a Dreamwidth invite code, let me know. I seem to have a bunch. (Seriously, I've been meaning to offer them up for some time. That the offer is suddenly so timely is LJ's fault, not mine.)

Not dead...

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 11:51 am
(Crossposted from LJ)

I seem to have fallen off the grid lately, at least in this part of the LJ/Dreamwidth world. I suspect my f-list is at skip=eleventy-billion, and let's face it, there's no way I'm going to get caught up. If you've posted/seen something in the last month or so that you think I should know about, please comment here.

The thing is, it seems I can either keep up with the outside world (be that news, LJ-fandom, or whatever), or I can write. There simply isn't enough time and enough me in the day to do both. And I want to keep up, but I want the novel more.

Some vaguely fannish thoughts:

I managed to miss the Amazon sale on season 5 of House, and now feel very stupid that I'll have to pay twice as much for it. I may simply leave it for my birthday. No spoilers, please.

Friends have now shown me the first couple eps of The Middleman. OMG. A live-action comic book of distilled essence of fannish crack. I must have it.

The Novel-In-N-Years progresses. Or regresses, as I'm doing chapter 2-7 revisions based on writing-group feedback, but I think it's necessary to get the foundation solidified before moving on to the bits that will be supported by it. I'm actually kind of excited about some of the revisions, or would be if I weren't nearly asleep on my keyboard.

Oh, and the library managed to come up with both the Mitchell/Munro books I requested. I don't claim he's the best writer ever or anything like that, but for some reason I find his books highly compelling. I'm keeping Death and Bright Water in another room when I'm supposed to be working on anything else, lest it sneakily leap into my hands and open itself in front of my eyes. As books do, you know.




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