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Finally got to listen to the final episode(s) of Cabin Pressure. Yay! (Thank you, *cough*othersources*cough*.) Things worked out the way I predicted, though the way they worked out was not something I ever would have anticipated. Part 1 of Zurich seemed a little filler-y to me on first listen, but Part 2 rolled along nicely. Not sure anything could have lived up to the anticipation, really, but I came out of it happy at the end. And I find myself wanting to listen to it again today, so it must be pretty good.

As anticipated, there is a complete series box set available, and as hoped, there's enough extra goodies on it to make it worth buying even if one, er, already has the base material. For those who object to *cough*othersources*cough*, rest assured this'll be going on my wish list.
lizvogel: lizvogel's fandoms.  The short list. (Fandom Epilepsy)
Sadly, the BBC website still hates my browser, my player, and/or my connection speed. (I have had sites refuse to give me things because my ISP's response time is slow enough that they think it's not there any more.) And *cough*othersources*cough* have so far failed me. Which means no final episodes of Cabin Pressure for me.
/*is sad*/

lizvogel: lizvogel's fandoms.  The short list. (Fandom Epilepsy)
Nobody told me that the cranky old lady in Cabin Pressure is played by Stephanie Cole!

I mean, yes, Benedict Cumberbatch, that's nice and all, but Stephanie Cole!!! That is the kind of thing to overcome my aversion to the audio-only format.




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