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This morning I had a song fragment stuck in my head. After a few futile googlings, I finally narrowed down enough correct lyric to discover that it was "Saturday" by Built To Spill. Played it, was happy, moved on.

I'd left the tab with the lyrics up so I could mention it to the housemate, who I'd hummed it at. Just now, hours later, I was looking at that tab and deciding I ought to copy the lyrics to my off-line collection, since the song's pretty cool.

And WinAmp started playing it.
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It's Raining Tacos, brought to you by Parry Gripp.

Is it even better that he's the lead vocalist and guitarist for Nerf Herder?

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With a little help from the housemate:

Shotguns ring, are you listening?
In the mall, blood is glistening
A terrible sight, we're running in fright
Shopping in a zombie wonderland

In the shoe store, we will build a barricade
And hide behind it til they knock it down
We'll say "Run away!" and they'll say "Brains!
Brains brains brains brains brains."

Later on, we'll perspire
As we set them on fire
With the barbecue set we bought on discount
Shopping in a zombie wonderland.

Daria on DVD!

Friday, May 7th, 2010 11:45 am
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As people who aren't me may already have heard, Daria: The Complete Series is coming out May 11!

Not surprisingly, they've replaced some (much?) of the music. (, -- oh hey, the official release sheet about it) Which, frustratingly, means I couldn't get rid of my original tapes, although from the sounds of the "extras" list, I could at least dump the several Daria Day marathons that I'm only keeping for the Daria & Jane intros.

To buy the musically-compromised DVDs, or to take comfort in a scratchy and disorganized set of original-broadcast VHS... that is the question....

I do wonder, what is it about owning rights to music that impairs higher brain functions, like basic math? "This music is so valuable, I will set the price for its use higher than you can afford!" "Well, we'll just replace it with something cheaper then, and you'll get nothing, thanks anyway." Wouldn't it be better for the profit margin as well as the art (if I can dare mention such a thing in the context of music rights) to set the price at something people will, you know, actually pay?




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