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I didn't mean to spend the whole day in bed. I was only going to spend a couple hours sitting in bed writing. But then this kitten came and used my foot as a pillow -- and stayed that way for about six hours.

Who's going to argue with that?

So I stayed in bed all day, and wrote 1052 words, and made my kitten very happy. And LittleGirl as well, who jumped up and curled up beside me a couple of times.

And me, too. ;-)

Ha on me

Saturday, August 27th, 2016 02:51 pm
lizvogel: Run and find out, with cute kitten. (Run and Find Out)
However, the much-deprived cat squirting out the door just as the thunderstorm breaks can keep me from getting anything else done for the next couple hours.

Stupid fuzzbutt. I'd strangle him if I wasn't so glad he's back and okay.

Rumble in the Box

Thursday, January 14th, 2016 06:39 pm
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Money was tight this Christmas, and the cats are so spoiled that it's hard to find something new and different to buy them, anyway. So I took the box that the new microwave shipped in and cut a couple small doorways in it, and now the kitties have themselves a box fort.

There's something fundamentally delightful about listening to a large cardboard box purr.
lizvogel: Run and find out, with cute kitten. (Run and Find Out)
One year ago today, our kitten disappeared, and didn't come back for two agonizing weeks.

He's been unusually jumpy about outside lately. Maybe he's just been picking it up from us. Obviously, he's a cat, and doesn't know from calendars. But if he associates the similar weather, shortness of daylight, etc. with being cold and hungry and alone, it would explain a lot.

Today, he and I went for a nice long walk. He didn't venture far into the woods, not more than twenty feet or so. At one point, he did seem interested in following the track between the neighbors' properties farther back than I was comfortable with, but I managed to dissuade him, and redirect his attention with an extended neck scritch. Mostly there was a lot of tree climbing, and pouncing on things rustling in the grass, and much returning to the human for pets and even picking up and purrrrrrrrs. At one point he did decide to investigate the other neighbor's front flower bed; not sure why the big open expanse of their lawn seemed fine to him when normally he sticks to cover, but when I caught up he turned and headed back toward home fairly agreeably.

All in all we were out about three hours, and he seemed very satisfied indeed, both with his walk and with coming home at the end of it. And I can't think of a better way to spend a morning.
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I'm going to have to make a desk to get what I want. I recognize that. I don't actually want a glass top: too much dusting (or too obvious dust when I don't, more likely). However, I find myself wondering, would a glass top reduce the chances of me thinking there's a fly or something on my leg and accidentally kicking a cat* when I go to brush it off?

Might be worth it, if so....

* Well, gently bumping a cat, really. But she still left, so I still feel bad.




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