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So last week I popped onto Amazon to add a CD to the wish list. I'd been wanting to relisten to this CD for days, and was quite surprised to discover that I did not in fact own it. (That explains why none of the tracks are in my WinAmp rotation, at least.)

While I was there, I glanced at the list, as one does, and noticed that the last three sets of The Sandbaggers were marked as "only 1 (or 2) left - order soon!" Now, I'm not at all sure that that's not a marketing gimmick on Amazon's part... but I also know that the last time I believed the "more coming soon" addendum, more never came. And there's few things worse for a completist-minded fan than having half a series....

So yeah, I bought 'em.

This is generating a post because I promised myself these discs as my reward for sending a certain number of queries. I have not sent anything like that many queries; indeed, the querying process is still bogged down in trying to create a version I'm actually happy with. Which is where the rationalization generator comes in. So one set is my reward for getting my synopsis done (at least for values of done that involve a beginning, an end, and all the bits in between), and done in time for the local writers conference this past weekend. Another set can be my reward for going to said conference. (One would think that going to a writers conference would be its own reward; one would be wrong. But that's another post.)

I'm not sure what the third set is for. Perhaps it could be a reward for finishing revisions on chapter 9b-soon-to-be-10? Mind you, I'd have to finish 'em first. But that's something I might be able to accomplish by the time the box arrives, if the shipping isn't too expeditious. Other suggestions are welcome in comments.

If only I could do queries like I can do rationalizations, I'd have an agent by now.

I also bought the CD while I was at it. Because, at that point, why not?

Shiny want want

Thursday, November 12th, 2009 01:23 pm
OMG OMG OMG! Set 2 of Callan (season 4, by the looks of it) is coming out on DVD in January. I haven't even gotten set 1 yet. Want.

Looks like The Sandbaggers and Farscape are getting re-issued. The former in some kind of couple-eps-per arrangement; the latter, in reasonably-priced season sets, and a complete set that's priced at approximately what one season cost last time out. I'm not even going to go into the shrink-wrap status of certain parts of my collection; I'm just pleased that pimping the show to new converts will no longer require handing them a winning lottery ticket first.

No sign of season 2 of The Equalizer, though. Anybody know what the deal is there?




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