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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 01:27 pm
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I just turned on beta testing for the "HTTPS Everywhere" feature -- this is just to make sure I can, in fact, actually post via my ancient browser and snail-slow internet connection.

ETA: Yup, that worked just fine.

So, LiveJournal

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 11:53 am
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LJ has a new TOS, which pops up so you have to agree to it to use the service. (I actually give them points for the obnoxious, intrusive, unavoidable pop-up, rather than just slipping the changes into the TOS and not calling attention to it.) People are variously freaking out or shrugging. I waded through the English translation, which is not legally binding (the original in Russian is binding, but I don't read Russian, so try enforcing that in court, suckers), and it seems to be mostly the usual TOS junk -- though there is a bit about them being allowed to email you stuff, including advertising. That could be an issue if they actually use it, but then, that's why I have Sneakemail.

(If you tend to post about Russian politics or generally use your LJ as an actual journalism platform, this could be a problem for you. But if you do that, you're probably already aware of the concerns, and have been since LJ was bought by a Russian company several years ago. Nothing really new here.)

Mostly, though, it's SSDD. I shall keep cross-posting as I have been, and checking friends feed when I remember (which isn't as often as it should be). I'm not deleting anything, though I will up the priority on backing up my old pre-DW-crossposting entries -- just in case. (Since the worst LJ could realistically do to me, all the way on the other side of the globe, is delete my stuff.) And I should do that anyway.

I will say, for anyone reading this on LJ that does want to jump ship, importing your old LJ to Dreamwidth is really easy. And DW works pretty much like LJ only less broken. (The only feature gap I'm aware of is photo hosting; you can post photos to DW, but I understand it's awkward and limited. They're working on it, but it's complicated, and the DW folks generally don't like to put things into service until they're working right. Contemplate that for a minute.)
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There's no way you can tell somebody "Your problem isn't important enough to fix", no matter how nice you try to be about it, that isn't going to leave them feeling like a second-class citizen.

I'm trying to suppress the rant about "upgrades" that break things that used to work fine, and standard support policies of "it's your browser, not our code." The pang of interacting with the site under these circumstances is harder to suppress. I expect I'll get used to it eventually; life, after all, is full of pangs. But the last three things I thought about posting here were panged to death.

I bought a permanent account the last time they offered them, because I hoped to make Dreamwidth my forever home, social-media wise. Now it feels more like a party at which I'm tolerated, but not particularly welcome.
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I sat down to do some story-submitting today, with a brief detour into reading Dreamwidth. (Bad habit, I know, but there it is.) One of the first things on my reading list was the latest news post. Now, I'll admit, I braced a little (conditioned response from many other sites, where every "improvement" is an annoyance at best), but the truth is, with Dreamwidth's changes I usually click through and go, "Well, that can be worked with." Sometimes I'm even pleasantly surprised.

So I look at the new stuff, and what do I get? Outright broken functionality, and an aesthetic road accident. (Two, in fact.) Senior staff, who are usually reasonably responsive to complaints and try to make things work for everyone as best as possible, are giving a general gist of "Well, people wanted it like that, and you just don't like change," along with occasionally blaming the user's browser settings. Users are pleading for a custom CSS option and suggesting script tricks to turn some of the new stuff off; some of it, there's just no way around it.

Which all sounds unpleasantly familiar. It sounds like LiveJournal, and the reason why I abandoned LiveJournal as my primary platform (and rarely make it over there at all any more, unless I have a comment). As a fellow ex-pat put it, we were spending all our time finding ways around the latest "upgrades" instead of enjoying the content, and that's not supposed to be the point of the exercise.

And here I am: I've lost two hours to writing feedback comments and bug reports, and I'm shaking with unchanneled adrenaline. This is not what I come to Dreamwidth for, folks! I come here for relaxing reading and the occasional stimulating conversation, not to flush my afternoon testing broken things and protesting ghastly design decisions, and having those protests fall on largely deaf ears.

I really hope this is a temporary aberration, and not a sign of things to come. C'mon, Dreamwidth. You're better than this.
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So it turns out that polls on Dreamwidth are only open to logged-in Dreamwidth users, which makes the poll I posted a few days ago, um, rather less useful than I'd hoped. Whoever you anons are, I'd meant to let you play, too. So let's try this again the old-fashioned way -- and look, now with an extra option!

Given a short-short story to be titled, and knowing nothing else about it, would you be more likely to go for:

     "Our Dead Are Never Dead, Until Forgotten"
     "Rage, Rage Against the Dying In the Night"
     "Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Exit Here"
     Something else in the same vein, which I will put in the comments

Pick whichever one you like best, for whatever value of "best" you care to employ. Bonus points for why and/or what sort of story you'd expect from that title.
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LJ is doing that thing again where it doesn't display comments, at least in my browser. (I am rather over firing up other browsers and jumping through assorted hoops to accommodate LJ's latest incompetencies.) Yet another reminder of why I'm spending more and more of my time exclusively on Dreamwidth.

This issue has cropped up several times before and eventually gone away on its own, so we'll see if it does so again. In the meantime, if we interact on LJ and you have an equivalent Dreamwidth presence, now's a good time to let me know.
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Yeah, okay, I'm a bad fan. YogurtWatch is updated.

(Those of you reading this on LiveJournal will have to see the Dreamwidth version for Season 7, since that's the one I can update without jumping through hoops.)

It was a good ep, though I still miss the lighter tone of the earlier seasons. Interesting set-up for getting the band back together.

We also watched Graceland, while we were at it. Definitely not a keeper for me; may try another ep to see if it's a watcher.

Tag, You're Not It

Friday, March 1st, 2013 06:51 pm
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One of the challenges of database design is not just accommodating current needs, but anticipating future ones. I'm good at doing this most of the time, but most =/= all.

Tags are a database. And there are some things I'm still talking about that were tagged a certain way for reasons that no longer apply, or that I no longer want to think about in that way.

If you reached this post by following the HoM tag for Highway of Mirrors, you'll want to continue with the niay tag.

If you reached this post by following the Haley novel tag for the as-of-this-posting-untitled Haley novel, you'll want to continue with the novel 2 tag, which it was before I finished something else first. ;-)

(And if you're reading this on LiveJournal, you'll have to find those tags yourself, as the links point to Dreamwidth. And if you're reading this on Dreamwidth and want the niay tags prior to May 2nd, 2009, you'll have to look on LiveJournal. Platform changes, bleargh.)

Testing to see if Dreamwidth's beta Update page still works with cross-posting.

Also testing to see what happens if I don't pick a userpic on the Dreamwidth side.
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LiveJournal's new Update page is so broken in my browser of choice that I literally can't use it. I could maybe get around the userpic lookup, the mood lookup, and the tag lookup not working, but those geniuses have pushed an Update page on which even the Post button doesn't work.

So, from now on (or at least until LJ breaks that, too), I'll be using the automatic cross-poster from Dreamwidth. For years now, I've been cross-posting manually (because I like the additional control), but no more.

I'm leaving comments open on LJ for now, but I strongly urge readers to comment on Dreamwidth if they can. (There should be a link to the source Dreamwidth post at the bottom of every cross-posted entry; all you need to do is click it.)

If we chat on LJ and you also have an active Dreamwidth presence, please let me know. And if you don't have a Dreamwidth account but would like one, now's a good time. I don't recall if they're still doing invite codes, but if they are, just ask me; I have plenty.
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Keeping a links-list of bug comments I make, purely for my own reference so I don't repeat myself.

Not cross-posted.


Keep it up, guys....

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 04:07 pm
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I love how every time LiveJournal does something thick, Dreamwidth gets more traffic.

All other issues aside, that new comment page really is ugly, isn't it?


Monday, May 2nd, 2011 11:48 am
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I can has Dreamwidth Seed account?

Yes, yes I can!

...That is all, really. At some point, I will figure out what I can do now that I couldn't before, but I was buying to support a business I approve of; the actual features are frosting.
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(Crossposted from LiveJournal, as is everything I post.)

'Cause yeah, the LJ userbase was just clamoring for a way to repost on Facebook/Twitter.

[livejournal.com profile] penknife has a suggestion for disabling the Facebook & Twitter tickies, depending on your style settings. There are other suggestions floating around, too.

Incidentally, if anyone needs a Dreamwidth invite code, let me know. I seem to have a bunch. (Seriously, I've been meaning to offer them up for some time. That the offer is suddenly so timely is LJ's fault, not mine.)


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 07:35 pm
Switched the journal's layout theme from Transmogrified Basic to Transmogrified Ocean. (Have I mentioned how much I love DW's layout preview?) One of these days I should get around to customizing the style, but for now, this is pleasantly blue and easier on the eyes than Basic's orange-and-sky-on-white.

First Post

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 12:35 pm
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So, here I am with my shiny new Dreamwidth account. Whee!

I'm not singing the praises of Dreamwidth from the rooftops, but I'll admit to being mildly geeked about it. I like the business model; a lot of thought clearly went into how to make this work, in terms both of making the users happy, and keeping the light bill paid. I like that it's fandom-friendly, and the owners know what that means. I like the approach to diversity and inclusiveness; 99% of that stuff is never going to matter to me directly, but again, it shows real thought went into the foundation of this thing. I approve of businesses based on sound preliminary planning and an open-eyed view of reality, so I want to see DW succeed just for that.

Will Dreamwidth become fandom's promised land, with pr0n and honey for all? Only time will tell. I would like to see fandom migrate away from LiveJournal; there hasn't been an outbreak of stupid on LJ recently, but I think that's more luck than policy. Maybe DW will be the destination of that migration, maybe not. I am cautiously optimistic (which is about as optimistic as I get); we'll have to see how things go once it's out of beta.

And I maintain that optimism despite the fact that every single thing I've done so far has involved a bug or glitch of some kind. Including creating my account; apparently I managed to hit the five-minute window yesterday when there was a major server swap-out going on. Honestly, there's a lot things broken that I would have expected to be working by this point (large userpic handling, reading list color selection, inbox vs. email notification). I'm glad that I was able to get an invite code (thanks, B!), because the service is really not up to the level where I would be happy paying for it. Well, they've got "beta" plastered all over it for a reason; I've worked in IT enough to know what a total code overhaul can involve, and the fact that they're tackling that rather than trying to layer on more patches on top of patches is another reason I really want to see this thing succeed.

So, there's my starter post. If I know you from LJ (or ought to) and you're here too, drop me a comment. Now, let's see what happens when I hit "Post"....




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