Spring, hah

Thursday, March 21st, 2013 10:54 am
lizvogel: Good / Bad (Good Bad)
It can just stop snowing any time, now.

(That robin is still hopping around the backyard, though. Cats are fascinated.)

lizvogel: Good / Bad (Good Bad)
Last week it was three wild turkeys (jeez, they're huge!) strolling through the back woods. And a trio of deer wandering about the same; the smallest of the three, having walked around the pile of downfall they were congregating around, decided it wanted to be back on the other side, and rather than walking around again, merely jumped right over the head-high pile. And then there was the raccoon on the deck, who showed every sign of being ready to come right in the house if we'd only open the door.

Today, it's a fluffed-up fat-looking robin, pecking fiercely into the leaf-litter covering the back yard despite the fact that it in turn is generously frosted with snow, more of which is blowing around to the extent that I'm occasionally losing sight of the road. He doesn't look bewildered so much as determined to not believe that he, a robin, is in a setting so very un-Spring-like.


Friday, August 31st, 2012 10:06 am
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I awoke yesterday to a very odd sound; took me a while to sort out direction and source.

Turns out a couple of mama deer had brought their fawns down to the pond, and the fawns were plunging and splashing and generally having a great old time. I got to watch them frolicking for about ten minutes before their moms said it was time to move on. As they left, a blue heron (or reasonable facsimile) came stalking across the pond edge to see if they'd stirred up anything interesting. One of the fawns turned back briefly to check him out, but quickly lost interest in the motionless bird and scampered off.




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