Thursday, May 30th, 2013 03:55 pm
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So, MediaWest happened. It was a good con, a bit laid-back, perhaps, but that's not a bad thing. Membership was down to around 500, which is a little low but did mean that there was plenty of elbow room.

It was bizarre being back in the old hotel. Just enough remained the same to make the things that were different really make my brain hurt. By Monday, I had almost sussed out the layout of the hotel (the function space was easy, but I spent most of the weekend bewildered by the rooms sections, despite the hotel-provided maps). There were some glitches with function layout, especially in the dealers' room, but some bugs are to be expected in a new venue -- and after 22 years, this definitely qualified as a new venue for organizational purposes! There are good ideas already in the works to address the issues for next year.

Except for the inevitable few whose first fandom is Complaining, people generally coped with the glitches and got on with having a good time.

The hotel staff were awesome, accommodating pretty much any request they could. The hotel itself is a little rough around the edges; the current owners took it over only a year or so ago, after several years of it standing vacant. But everything worked and was clean, and there were nice touches like the hotel waiting to varnish the new wainscoting until after the con so we wouldn't be bothered by the fumes.

Finances being what they are, I mostly sang the "hands in pockets" song, though there was some lovely stuff in the art show and the usual range of goodies in the dealers' room. I did score DVDs of a show I'd all but given up hope of finding. Had several good meals with a variety of company.

Panels... well, it's long been known that the panel organizers and I do not overlap much in interests. There was a pretty good Blakes 7 panel, and a classic Trek panel that happily wandered all around the show.

I spent a fair amount of the evenings running old spy shows in the room, especially Callan. Didn't get much walk-in traffic, but I enjoyed it anyway. I'm contemplating making my own fun by doing a couple of video parties next year, one for old-school spies and one for new-school; we'll see if the ambition survives. And if the hotel's updating extends to new TVs, and whether the aspect ratio is acceptably adjustable.

The contract's not signed for next year yet, but plans are to return to the new-old-whatever-Ramada hotel again. I frankly think it's a fine venue, and I'm glad to be back.
lizvogel: lizvogel's fandoms.  The short list. (Fandom Epilepsy)
Finally sat down this weekend to watch the first-season Callan that I picked up some time ago, only to discover that the hacked DVD player has decided to not recognize discs, PAL or NTSC. Having done all reasonable basic troubleshooting without success, we're currently letting it sit unplugged for a while, in the hopes that a nice long rest will sort it out. Unlikely, but it's a low-investment thing to try.

Of course, now that I can't, the PAL sets (early Callan and also all of Blakes 7) are the things I want to watch above all others. Never mind that they've been sitting around collecting dust in the to-be-watched stack for longer than I rightly care to admit to. I am resisting the urge to go out and buy a PAL-converting DVD player right now, but it's a near thing.
I'm not normally much affected by the death of someone I don't know personally, but Edward Woodward's passing jarred me. He wasn't in any of my formative fandoms -- The Equalizer and Callan were latter-day obsessions -- but I realized on thinking about it that he was something of a fixture in my general fannish experience. It seems he was always around in something, and he could always be relied upon for an enjoyable performance. Not that he didn't appear in some pretty dire productions (Heck, I bought a copy of Bloodsuckers for that man. What's worse, I watched it.), but he was always good.

So, the housemate and I have been having our own casual sort of Edward Woodward film festival over the past couple weeks. What better way to memorialize a man who provided so much excellent material for it?

Spoilers for:

Codename: Kyril )

Breaker Morant )

The Equalizer: Dead Drop )

The Wicker Man )

Over My Dead Body (pilot episode) )

Callan: Where Else Would I Go? )

Classic acting by a class act, all around.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 06:41 pm
Edward Woodward passed away yesterday at age 79.

I'll confess, I kind of wondered when we'd be hearing this news. Still sad, though. The man had an impressive and versatile body of work, including some of my favorite series ever.

Oddly enough, I was just watching Callan on DVD (a belated birthday present) this afternoon. With clear copies, it's even more obvious why Woodward won awards for the role. A fitting tribute if anything is.

Shiny want want

Thursday, November 12th, 2009 01:23 pm
OMG OMG OMG! Set 2 of Callan (season 4, by the looks of it) is coming out on DVD in January. I haven't even gotten set 1 yet. Want.

Looks like The Sandbaggers and Farscape are getting re-issued. The former in some kind of couple-eps-per arrangement; the latter, in reasonably-priced season sets, and a complete set that's priced at approximately what one season cost last time out. I'm not even going to go into the shrink-wrap status of certain parts of my collection; I'm just pleased that pimping the show to new converts will no longer require handing them a winning lottery ticket first.

No sign of season 2 of The Equalizer, though. Anybody know what the deal is there?

Not dead...

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 11:51 am
(Crossposted from LJ)

I seem to have fallen off the grid lately, at least in this part of the LJ/Dreamwidth world. I suspect my f-list is at skip=eleventy-billion, and let's face it, there's no way I'm going to get caught up. If you've posted/seen something in the last month or so that you think I should know about, please comment here.

The thing is, it seems I can either keep up with the outside world (be that news, LJ-fandom, or whatever), or I can write. There simply isn't enough time and enough me in the day to do both. And I want to keep up, but I want the novel more.

Some vaguely fannish thoughts:

I managed to miss the Amazon sale on season 5 of House, and now feel very stupid that I'll have to pay twice as much for it. I may simply leave it for my birthday. No spoilers, please.

Friends have now shown me the first couple eps of The Middleman. OMG. A live-action comic book of distilled essence of fannish crack. I must have it.

The Novel-In-N-Years progresses. Or regresses, as I'm doing chapter 2-7 revisions based on writing-group feedback, but I think it's necessary to get the foundation solidified before moving on to the bits that will be supported by it. I'm actually kind of excited about some of the revisions, or would be if I weren't nearly asleep on my keyboard.

Oh, and the library managed to come up with both the Mitchell/Munro books I requested. I don't claim he's the best writer ever or anything like that, but for some reason I find his books highly compelling. I'm keeping Death and Bright Water in another room when I'm supposed to be working on anything else, lest it sneakily leap into my hands and open itself in front of my eyes. As books do, you know.




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